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Mountain Gorrilas An Endangered Species

What is Being Done

The Mountain Gorilla
Threats and Facts
What is Being Done


Laws Protecting Mountain Gorillas:

Here are some factors that are currently being used to protect the mountain gorillas:
-Wildlife refugees like the Virunga National Park
-captive-breeding programs
-trade restrictions
-anti-poaching laws
-Great Ape Conservation Bill
These have helped to increase numbers of mountain gorillas over more than twenty years.

Things people like You and I can do:

         Just like it is a sin to kill another man, slaying a majestic creature like the mountain gorilla is no different.  If murdering a man gives one life in prison, so should exterminating a mountain gorilla.  They are no different  from any other living creature that walks this earth.  It is an animal with feelings and many similar characteristcs that we have, and at times it acts more civilized than we do.  We need to tell governments to enforce stricter laws,  provide society with public service announcements to aware the general public of the cruelty that many endangered species suffer, including the mounatain gorillas.  A bigger budget would help provide more wildlife refuges to keep these gorillas out of harm's way and protecting its environment would help conserve their habitat and privacy.

Sites where we Derived Information:

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